Food Irradiation
Myths and Facts about Food Irradiation


Myth: E-Beam Irradiators are faster than Gamma Irradiators.

Fact: This statement is incorrect. Processing speed is based on the designed production throughput for an irradiator independent of whether it is E-Beam or Gamma. Read More...


Myth: Irradiation destroys essential vitamins and other nutrients.

Reality: This statement is incorrect. Although irradiation can reduce some vitamins and other nutrients, it does not destroy them nor significantly alter the amount of nutrients relative to the total diet of the consumer. Read More...


Myth: It would take a huge dose of radiation, much more than is needed to actually make food radioactive.

Reality: This statement is incorrect. Food will not be made radioactive no matter how "huge" the dose. Read More...


Myth: “Irradiated poop won’t make you sick, but it’s still poop.”

Reality: This statement is correct. Using the irradiation process does not increase nor decrease the amount of poop that a food product may already contain. Read More...


Myth: “Irradiated food tastes bad.”

Reality: Some foods irradiated at certain doses can have flavor changes. However, if they have a bad taste they will not be marketable. Therefore, irradiated food that is sold in stores does not taste bad. Read More...


Myth: “All foods should be irradiated.”

Reality: This notion is ill-conceived. Irradiation is a useful tool that can be used to improve the safety, quality and/or distribution of many foods. Irradiation should be used by food com- panies when the benefits of its use are greater than the associated costs. Read More...


Myth: “Any commercial irradiator can be used for any food irradiation process.”

Reality: Technically true. Economically uncomfortable.


Myth: “Food Irradiation”

Reality: The term “Food Irradiation” has no practical meaning. “Food” is not irradiated. However, specific products, which are consumed as food, are irradiated for specific purposes. Read More...


Myth: “Irradiation is a food additive.”

Reality: Legally true. Technically false! In 1958 the US Congress passed an Amendment to the Food, Drugs, and Cosmetic Act to address the safety of food additives. The Act directed the Food and Drug Adminis- tration to determine that an additive was safe before allowing its use in food. Read More...


Myth: “Irradiation is too expensive.”

Reality: There is no such thing as a free irradiated lunch. However, irradiation processing is not as expensive as many believe. Read More...


Myth: “Irradiation is too effective and irradiation is not effective enough.”

Reality: This statement is incorrect. The effects of irradiating food are proportionate to the dose, and the dose is controlled during the process. Therefore, the effectiveness of ir- radiation is defined for each specific application. Read More...




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Food Irradiation Questions and Answers
Myths and Facts about Food Irradiation


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